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Anthea is Astoria’s intimate home for yoga and wellness

Anthea Yoga Studio - Astoria's intimate home for Yoga and Wellness

In the heart of Astoria, Long Island City and Sunnyside

Anthea is a place for healing and personal growth. Whether you find yourself blossoming on the mat, through one of our manyhealing servicesour growing 200 hour RYT teacher training program or at one of our community-building events, we are here to help make it happen. Our Teachers are all certified instructors and will always be attentive to you regardless if you are a beginner or advanced level student.

At Anthea our mission is to help you find wholeness, whether you’re healing from an injury, illness, or trauma, or simply need to build more balance in your life. The body is designed to heal itself, but in this day and age, everyone needs a little help.


Upcoming Events

  • Vinyasa Foundations Workshop

    This workshop will break down each of the four main poses – downdog, plank, chaturanga, and updog – and the transitions.

  • Restorative and Reiki Healing Workshop with Sylvia and Zuza

    In this workshop you will restore and balance both left and right side of the brain with gentle asana, healing reiki touch and aromatherapy.

  • Detox Yoga Workshop

    Together we will move, breathe and sit in a way that will allow us to detoxify our bodies and mind. Through the use of a vigorous flow including twists, compression and pranayama (breath) we will rinse the spine and internal organs, riding them of harmful toxins.

  • Family Constellations Workshop

    The Family Constellation Method is a therapeutic modality developed by Bert Hellinger, psychotherapist, author and teacher.


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