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At Anthea, we focus on the healing aspects of yoga and its unmistakable ability to transform. Yoga will help you build physical strength and mobility, rehabilitate an injury, calm your mind, and give you space to be yourself.


Vinyasa describes a practice that moves the body through postures (asana) with the breath. Class typically begins with gentle warm ups and then moves into a continuous flow of asanas (such as sun salutations), followed by a portion of longer-held postures and balances. Some teachers include inversions, and all finish with seated stretches and a final relaxation. A vinyasa practice helps to lengthen the breath, tone muscles, and build stamina, coordination, and focus. Open to all levels.


Ashtanga classes use a set sequence of postures designed to bring strength, flexibility and endurance to the body and a sense of stillness to the mind. This class works through the primary series and is taught to the level of the students in the room. You will learn the fundamentals of sun salutations, ujjayi breath, energy locks and vinyasas. Open to all levels.


It’s all in the name! Restorative yoga helps you restore the body, mind, and energetic systems through gentle reclining postures with the body comfortably supported by props, so that you can remain in the position for 5-20 minutes while guided into a state of blissful ease. Wonderful for all levels, leave feeling refreshed and restored!


Anthea’s hatha class offers a practice without complicated transitions between postures (asana). You will deepen your understanding of each asana by spending the time to become aware of the changes that occur in you, as your teacher guides you to focus on the body, breath, and mind. Staying in a pose stimulates change, and observing the change helps you accept its effect on you. As you learn to make peace with your experience, you can create room for the expansion of consciousness. An excellent class for beginners and advanced practitioners alike!





Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is a complete technology that combines postures (asanas), movement, breath (pranayam), hand positions (mudras), sound current (mantra) and meditation to create precise, specific effects. Practicing Kundalini Yoga transforms you on every level of your being: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It increases vitality, strengthens the nervous system and balances the glandular system. It helps clear emotional blocks. It cleanses the subconscious, and calms and focuses the mind. All are welcome –Kundalini Yoga encourages participation rather than perfection!

Align & Flow

This vinyasa class encourages each student to use the modifications and variations best suited to her or him on any given day. The teacher brings in a strong focus on making healthy alignment choices specific to your body and condition, helping you to build strength and mobility that will transform your practice and your self-awareness. Open to all levels, beginners welcome.


Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a light pace practice with poses which are held for about 5 minutes. This practice focuses on stretching your deep connective tissues in your joints(ligaments, tendons, fascia) and is performed mainly on the floor working your hips, pelvis, inner thighs and spine. 

Tai Chi Qigong

Tai Chi Qigong This class combines various Qigong forms, traditional Vinyasa yoga with a short, simple Tai Chi form (Yang Style). Qigong is an ancient Chinese meditative practice designed to open energy pathways and increase internal energy (Qi) flow. Qigong is considered a branch of Chinese Medicine along with Acupuncture, Massage and Herbs. Tai Chi is a form of “moving meditation” practiced with slow, relaxed, and flowing movements. Improve muscle tone, circulation and physical endurance with meditative postures that strengthen your mental focus. All levels are welcome. All levels are welcome.

Flow & Restore

Meet two needs in one practice! This class follows up a heat-building vinyasa sequence with delicious restorative postures. Open to all levels, a great start to any weekend.

Basic Yoga

This class will  introduce you to breathing techniques, proper alignment, and are designed to give you a strong foundation so your practice can flourish. Perfect for students who have never practiced yoga before, who are returning to yoga after a break, or regular practitioners looking to brush up on their fundamentals.


Find your inner peace even in our busy city! We use various combinations of pranayama (breathing exercises), guided visualization, and mantra (chanting) to help bring you into a state of effortless stillness. Meditation calms the mind while rejuvenating the body and the benefits begin immediately, even while you are still becoming familiar with the practice. All levels welcome.

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